Q. do i have to apply to be part of a 30 day challenge/women’s network?

A. There is an application submitted when you register for the 30 Day Challenge, however, you are automatically accepted to the group. The application is for Kindra’s reference only, and will not be shared with anyone.


Q. Does the 30 day challenge automatically renew?

A. No, the 30 day challenge is a one time payment. If you would like to enroll in another 30 day challenge, you will have to purchase it again.


Q. does the women’s network access automatically renew?

A. Yes! You will be subscribed to the network until you access your account and cancel the subscription. Your card will automatically be charged each month on the date you registered.


Q. do you offer refunds?

A. No, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds as it is not a physical product. However, if you are part of the women’s network, you are free to cancel at any time.


Q. who do i reach if i have questions?

A. Fill out our contact form here, or shoot as an email at contact@levelupwomen.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!