A challenge group
for women

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Level Up is a private, highly interactive 30-day challenge group for women who want to take some area of their life to the next level.

Each member is assessed for their current level of functioning across four dimensions and provided daily support and guidance in the areas of: bodycareerrelationships and personal development.

30 Day Challenge

How it works

This group is highly interactive and offered in a digital format (similar to Facebook) so you can join from anywhere. This group will accelerate your growth and progress in ways you never imagined possible and is said to be “a supportive kick in the ass” from a group of women who are motivated to get results in every area of their life. Level Up is offered at a fraction of the price of typical coaching, counseling and trainings but offers tremendous value in the way of growth and development.


Guided by Kindra Davenport

Kindra is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, former professor, author, business owner and mother. Kindra teaches women how to create the life they want by providing:

• daily content
• motivational messages
• accountability
• daily assignments
• community support
• interactions with experts of business & body

30 Day Challenge